Our wide variety of materials makes endless possibilities.

Posi-pack offers a wide variety of materials that will specifically fit your needs. Below we have just a few of our samples, however we have many other material types available. Contact us today to find exactly what material will work for your project.


MDL 1.7#

MDL is a multi-density laminated plank foam that is made from a combination of high density polyethylene top skin and a lower density polyethylene foam base. This is an excellent option for packaging which can incorporate a "hinge" feature, such as in end caps or corner posts. Manufactured with 1.7# density foam base with a 6# density top skin.


Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene foam is a tough, resilient, lightweight, moisture and chemical resistant closed-cell material that is usable across a wide range of applications and temperatures. We commonly use polyethylene foam for cushion packaging and dunnage applications (blocking and bracing) as well as numerous other applications.
A semi-rigid closed cell foam that is ideal for cushioning and vibration dampening. Available in sheet foam or custom fabricated to protect your product. Made in densities of 1.7# to 9# per cubic foot.


Antistatic Polyethylene Foam

A semi-rigid closed cell foam with antistatic characteristics. Excellent cushioning and vibration protection for sensitive electronic components available in sheet foam or fabricated in custom shapes with densities of 1.7# or 2# density.


EPE (Expanded Polyethylene)

EPE foam is a closed cell beaded polyethylene which has a low weight, high strength ratio. This is an excellent option for packaging which can incorporate a "hinge" feature, such as in end caps or corner posts. EPE is an ideal option for protecting "class A" surfacing available in 48" X 72" sheet foam, or custom fabricated.


Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foam is a resilient lightweight open cell foam. Provides adequate cushioning for more fragile or lightweight items.


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

EPS is a cost effective beaded foam for packaging and thermal insulation applications it can be custom cut to secure your product, or used as simple "filler" pads to fill void areas. This material can be fabricated into virtually any shape or size up to 48" wide and 120" in length, made in densities of 1#, 1.5# and 2# per cubic foot.


Poly LAM

A resilient closed cell polyethylene foam produced with layering technology. Has unique cushioning characteristics due to its layered structure. Made in sheets and special shapes with a 1.7 pound per cubic foot density.


Antistatic EPS Foam

Similar characteristics to EPS Foam with the addition of antistatic properties. Antistatic treated packaging materials can be categorized into three general classes: conductive, dissipative and insulative, based upon electrical resistance values per ASTM method D-257. Antistatic treated foams are widely used to package highly sensitive electronic components and systems that are intolerant of electrostatic discharge (ESD)

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